"We have to be the change we wish
to see in the world "

- Mahatma Ghandi

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Yamay is located in Villa Pardo, Las Flores County, in Buenos Aires Province, 223 Km. (140 miles) south from the capital of Argentina on Route 3.

Pardo today is a town of fewer than 200 inhabitants where the famous writer Adolfo Bioy Casares lived much of his adolescence and youth and was visited by his friend Jorge Luis Borges several times.

Pardo was named in a number of stories by Bioy Casares collected in "Descanso de un caminante" (Break of a walker) and has been referred to as "the best place in the world" by the writer.

Once in Pardo, Yamay is 2 km from the city center through the main access.

Las Flores County is located in the center of Buenos Aires Province making it a strategic location for visiting from different parts of the country.

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